Laboratory development services

Laboratory design

The GMP Group has extensive knowledge in the Development and QC Functions of Laboratories in the Pharma Industry, ensuring full GLP/GMP Compliance, and the health and safety of the Laboratory Staff

Laboratory Development Services

R&D and QC laboratories have always formed part of the services offered by The GMP Group. Our team has extensive knowledge of development and QC functions and we are able to establish space and environmental system requirements.

Lab Design & Engineering for GLP/GMP Compliance

GLP/GMP is a requirement for all laboratories involved in the Pharmaceutical industry. Laboratory staff safety and protection is also critical in this environment and The GMP Group are aware of all legislation and regulatory standards. This is increasingly so, as new chemical and biological processes become more hazardous.

Lab Design & Engineering Capabilities

Core capabilities in space environment ensure that all GLP/GMP safety requirements are designed and design intent achieved.

The GMP Group team are, and have been, designing and building biological containment laboratories to CAT 2, 3 and 4.

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